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Protect your home and business

Get peace of mind knowing that your home or business premises is safe with an alarm and/or CCTV system installed by SV Electrical. We can install visible CCTV to deter potential intruders or to cover dark and hidden areas, or a discreet system can be installed. Call us to arrange a visit.

View your home when you are away

We can install CCTV systems that you can view from a mobile, tablet or PC when you are away from home. Watch your home while you are on holiday or at work, feeling safe in the knowledge that all is fine.

Keep your staff safe

CCTV can be used to protect your business premises, your staff and your visitors. Visible cameras are a great deterrent to potential vandals, criminals and trespassers and video footage can also be used in a court of law as evidence if needed.

If you would like to find out more about our commercial CCTV installation speak to us today.


We can custom install a hardwired or wireless alarm system for your home or business premises. The site of an alarm box is often a deterrent for the opportunist thief. When your alarm is activated, your phone will be able to notify you. To find out more about the benefits of our alarm systems, contact SV Electrical today.


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